Vani Brahmachari


Epigenetics and Developmental Regulation

Dr. Vani Brahmachari did her Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Her research interest is in the area human molecular epigenetics and genetics. She has worked at the National Cancer Centre, Tokyo, Wister Institute for Biology, Philadelphia, USA and Medical Research Council (MRC), London.

Our research interest is in the area of epigenetic regulation in development and disease. We mine the human genome sequence to identify novel putative genes coding for the components of epigenetic regulatory complex. This led to identify the human homologue of the chromatin remodeling protein hINO80 (OMIM *610169). We have successfully demonstrated the role of this protein in epigenetic regulation as a ETP protein (Enhancer of Polycomb and Trithorax proteins), having the dual role in repression as well as activation of developmental genes like the homoetic genes. In the light of the direct interaction of INO80 with DNA through a consensus motif, we are exploring the diversity of interaction of INO80 to form novel protein complexes to mediate multiple functions, through proteome analysis.

We have also identified novel cis-regulatory element(s) from the human genome, where the epigenetic complexes bind, namely a novel PRE/TRE element (Polycomb/Trithorax Responsive Element) mapping in the PIK3C2B gene. Having identified the long-range interaction of this PRE/TRE through 4C approach, we are investigating its role in coordinated transcription regulation of the genes within these interacting loops.

We have completed the whole genome sequencing and de novo assembly of the genome of a unique model for epigenetic regulation, the mealybugs that exhibit the phenomenon of Genomic Imprinting. We are engaged in identifying the epigenetic gene repertoire including non-coding RNA in this system and the differential expression of this epigenetic tool-kit in the males and females of this insect which exhibit differential regulation of chromosome-cycle in spite of identical chromosomal constitution.

In collaboration with other groups, we are investigating the genetic plasticity of M.tuberculosis clinical isolates and its possible functional implications.

Ongoing Projects:
  1. 1. Epigenetics in Health and Disease - (EpiHeD): Work package: Molecular basis of genomic imprinting in mealybugs (CSIR, 2012-17) Network Project.

  2. 2. Delineating the mechanism of transcriptional regulation by chromatin remodelling protein, IN080; Identification and characterisation of the protein complexes(DST 2016-19).

  3. 3. Genome-wide mapping of interaction sites of hINO80, a dual function chromatin remodeling protein on the human genome and analysis of its effect on target gene regulation (CSIR-Univ. Interaction: 2013-16).

Selected Recent Publications:
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