Achievements of the ACBR

Awards Faculty
Prof. Sunit K. Singh

Dr. Harshvardhan ji, Former Union Health Minister of India presenting ICMR award

Receiving Fellowship of National Academy of Sciences India

Prof. Daman Saluja

RSTV Eureka : Biomedical Research - A Road Ahead

President Award for The Biotech Product & Process Development And Commercialization Award' of 2013

Prof. Vani Brahmachari

FNASc (Fellow of the Indian National Sciences, 2009)

FNA (Fellow of Indian Science Academy, 2015)

Dr. Ajay K. Yadav

Ramalingaswami Fellow

Dr. Aparna Dixit

Har Gobind Korina Innovative young biotechnologist Award (IYBA) 2018

Dr. Kamna Srivastava

6th Academic Brilliance Award-2018* in Best Researcher category

3rd South Asian Education Awards-18 in Excellence in Research category

Awards Students

  2018: 01

Pooja Tanwer: (supervisor Professor Daman Saluja) was selected as "DAAD young ambassador 2018-19" Awarded and was honoured at a function held at German embassy, New Delhi. India.

  2016: 03

Rashi Arora: (supervisor Professor Daman Saluja) Awarded "Sun Pharma Science Scholar Award 2016" and Ist prize in poster presentation at the International Symposium on "Role of Herbals in Cancer Prevention and Treatment" at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi, India (February 9-10, 2016).

Subash C Sonkar (Supervisor Prof Daman Saluja); Young Investigator Award 2016 in Asia Pacific congress of clinical microbiology and infection, Australia.

Rimpy Kaur Chowhan (Supervisor Dr. L.R. Singh): Travel award by DST-SERB for attending ADPD-2017 conference held at Vienna on 29th March-2nd April 2017.

  2015: 06

Mohit Vashishta (Supervisor Prof. K. Natarajan): First Prize Oral Presentation FBR 2015.

Attinder Chadha (Supervisor Prof. K. Natarajan): Second Prize Poster Presentation FBR2015

Lubna Wasim (Supervisor Dr. Madhu Chopra): First prize for poster presentation FBR2015.

Nalini Yadav (Supervisor Dr. Madhu Chopra): First Prize for poster presentation in FBR2015.

Mohsen Ghasemi (Supervisor Prof. Vani Brahamchari)- Award of the Fellowship of National Elite Foundation, Iran, for Post-doctoral research at ROYAN Institute in Tehran 2015.

Deepali Joon: (Supervisor Prof Daman Saluja) Ranbaxy-Sun Pharma Science Scholar Award 2015 in Biomedical Science and Best Alumni Award by S. R. Century Public School, Bahadurgarh, Haryana (December 2015).

  2014: 04

Subhash Mehto (Supervisor Prof. K. Natarajan): Best Poster presentation award in International conference on Biosciences State of the Art advancements, Kerala September 2014.

Deepika Sharma (Supervisor Prof. K. Natarajan): Best Poster presentation award in International conference on Biosciences State of the Art advancements, Kerala September 2014.

Manisha Sikka (Supervisor Dr. Madhu Chopra): Third prize for poster presentation in FBR 2014.

Shweta Mendiratta, (Supervisor Prof. Vani Brhmachari) Best Poster Award, JNU Biospark 2014.

  2013: 03

Rashi Kundra M.Sc. 2013: Awarded Dr. Mammohan Singh Fellowship to pursue PhD. In UK.

Rashi Arora (Supervisor Prof. Daman Saluja): First prize for paper presentation at 4th International conference on Stem Cells & cancer -19-22 Oct, 2013 held at Mumbai India.

Lubna Wasim (Supervisor Dr. Madhu Chopra): ACBR Young Scientist award at 34th convention of Indian Association for Cancer Research, Feb 13-16 2013, Delhi.

  2012: 02

Jhalak Singhal (Supervisor Prof. K. Natarajan): Best poster presentation award 5th congress on the federation of Immunological societies of Asia Oceana and 39th Annual convention of Indian Immunology Society, March 14-17 2012.

D. Nagarjuna (Supervisor Dr. Manisha Yadav) Poster Selected for Belgaum-Mumbai prize for best poster in Bacteriology at Indian Association of Medical Microbiology, MICROCON, Nov 2012 at Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi.