Achievements of the ACBR students

M.Sc.-Ph.D. Combined Degree Program in Biomedical Sciences

M.Sc.-Ph.D. Combined Degree Program in Biomedical Sciences being an interdisciplinary course we have surveyed the background of students who qualify the admission criteria of the Centre as a reflection of the effectiveness of the selection procedures practiced at the Centre. It is observed that students with various backgrounds at the undergraduate level satisfy the selection criteria as seen in the data given

The students of ACBR have consistently performed extremely well at the level of University and National level examinations. On the basis of their performance in the University examinations, the top twenty (ten from previous and ten from final year) students are awarded the prestigious “Catch them Young” Fellowship every year. The Catch Them Young Fellowship is awarded to encourage students to take up Science as a career option. This is a novel human resource development project and was taken up between ACBR & IGIB (Formerly CBT), CSIR through a project mode supported by CSIR. The project was designated the “Catch them Young” programme. This was a very progressive step taken by CSIR and Delhi University through IGIB and ACBR respectively, that has been adjudged a very successful project in terms of inducting talented young students into a research career, nearly 100% of the students taking up Ph.D. programme within the country in the CSIR labs like IGIB, IMTECH & CCMB and also other institutions like NII and IISc apart from ACBR and other departments of Delhi University. A profile of the number of Ph.D. degrees awarded through ACBR is also shown in the subsequent pages. More than 80% of the M.Sc. students qualify competitive examinations for junior research fellowship of various granting agencies, including UGC-CSIR NET, DBT, ICMR. One of the recipients of the fellowship under the program, Ms. Shmilona Sarangi was selected for the award of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee (SPM) award in 2005. Three to five students qualify for the selection test for SPM award every year etc.

Ph.D Students of ACBR

The ACBR offers a unique research program in the multidisciplinary area of Biomedical Sciences. More than 126 students have completed their Ph.D from ACBR since 1998. The Ph.D students have done exceptionally well so far. 200 publications have ensued as a result of the research work being carried out. This work has been published in several prestigious journals such as Blood, Cancer Research, Molecular Pharmacology, Journal of Bacteriology, Journal of Biological Chemistry, New England Journal of Medicine Biochemistry, Journal of Medicinal chemistry, Nucleic Acids Research, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Phytomedicine, Journal of Chemical Information and Molecular Modeling, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Tetrahedron, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry.

Almost all the students who complete their Ph.D. at ACBR pursue post-doctoral research in India or abroad. Several students have joined teaching positions at various universities and some have chosen to join pharmaceutical companies as research scientists. ACBR has successfully fulfilled its mandate of human resource development so far and continues to aim higher each passing year.

Subject-wise (B.Sc. level) Distribution of Students who joined M.Sc. Biomedical Science from

Performance Index in National Level Tests for Ph. D. Fellowships

No. of Ph. D. students Passed out since 2001