Post-Doctoral Students

Post Doctoral Opportunities

ACBR has a strong commitment to the full involvement of post doctoral fellows in all aspects of Scientific, Educational and Cultural activities of the community. Each year post doctorates are associated with research activities in all the laboratories, where they are encouraged to continue their scientific training and pursue their research interests. In addition they also participate in the seminars and colloquia held at the ACBR and in the Weekly Research Seminar Series. Prospective recipients of Ph.D. degree who wish to apply for post-doctoral positions should write to the Laboratory Heads with whom they want to work. In most instances, candidates for post-doctoral training at the ACBR obtain funds from a private or a governmental agency. However, the ACBR proposes to award few post-doctoral fellowships annually, to the students for a limited period, at the beginning of their research.

List of Ex-Post-Doctoral Students (Fast Track Project, DST)
  From the host institution/university
Dot 1. Dr. Mashook Ali, 2013-2016: (Fast Track Project, DST)
Dot 2. Dr. Chandra Bhushan Mishra DS Kothari PDF
  From Other institution/university
Dot 3. Dr. Parveen Kumar: 2015- DST Fast track Young Scientist fellow upto April 2018
Dot 4. Dr. Meenakshi Dwivedi, (Fast Track Project, DST)
Dot 5. Dr. Safikur Rahman, 2014 (DST Young Scientist) upto May 2017
Dot 6. Dr. Vineeta Sharma: 2015 - DST-WOSA
Dot 7. Dr. Md. Tabish Rehman, 2015 (DST-Young Scientist) upto March 2016
Dot 8. Dr Yatendra Kumar Satiza 2015 (DST- Inspire fellow)
Dot 9. Dr. Priyanka Verma, 2016 PDF- DHR- MoHFW.
Dot 10. Dr. Rakhi Srivastava, 2016 Research Associate, BIF facility. upto December 2017 and January 2018 onwards Post-Doctoral Fellowship DHR-MoHfW
Dot 11. Dr. Ankita Narang, 2016 - UGC-DS Kothari Post-doctoral programme
Dot 12. Dr. Brijenbdra Tiwari, 2016 DS Kothari Fellow
Dot 13. Dr. Vipin Rana, 2016 DS Kothari Fellow
Dot 14. Dr. Akanksha, 2016 - DS Kothari UCG Fellowship
Dot 15. Dr. Richa Arya, 2017 - Ramalingaswamy Fellowship
Dot 16. Dr. Sakshi Dhingra, 2017 National Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Dot 17. Dr. Mansi Mittal 2017 (DST-NPDF)