Only those Ph.D. candidates will be eligible for the award of fellowships who qualify the national level test

conducted by the University Grants Commission, UGC-CSIR, ICMR, DBT for award of Junior Research Fellowship.

The general terms and conditions governing the award of fellowships are as follows:

The fellow must devote his whole time to approved courses of research and study at the University.
He/She shall not accept or hold any appointment paid or otherwise or receive any emolument, salary, stipend, etc. from any other source during the tenure of the award. Junior Research Fellows with the consent of the Guide/Head of the Department may assist the University/Institution in its teaching programs, if called upon to do so, including tutorials, evaluation of test papers, laboratory demonstration work, seminar, symposia, etc. provided that such work undertaken by him/her is not likely to hamper his own research program on hand.
He/She obtain prior permission of the University for appearing at any examination conducted by any other University or public body.
The fellowship shall be terminated at any time if the progress and conduct of the fellow is found to be unsatisfactory.
The fellowship shall ordinarily be tenable for a period of one year in the first instance but may be renewed for the second, third years if the student continues to maintain satisfactory progress. However, a research fellow who has displayed research ability but not completed his work may be given an extension for a period of one year.

ACBR has made a provision in its budget for the award of 10 Teaching Assistantships each year to outstanding students joining Ph.D. course after completing requirements of Masters' degree as per the University ordinance, as approved for these courses. The fellowships will be awarded subject to the approval of UGC.

Fellowship Awards for M.Sc. Students a. The Jean and Ashit Ganguly Education Scholarship

The fellowship is awarded to meritorious students based on the recommendations of the selection committee comprising of one nominee of the donor. The number of scholarships depends upon the interest accrued on the endowment fund given by the donor. The Jean and Ashit Ganguly Education scholarship for M.Sc. will be Rs. 1500/- per month.

b. Jawahar Bhawan Trust Merit -cum-Means Scholarship (Two)

The Jawahar Lal Memorial Trust, New Delhi, has instituted two merit-cum-means fellowships of Rs. 1,000/- for M.Sc. students each year

c. Prof. Gurbaksh Singh Education Fellowship

Prof. Gurbaksh Singh Education fellowship Rs.6000 (per annum) is awarded to one M.Sc. student each year. The selection procedure is based on academic merit and interview with an additional consideration of financial needs of the students.

d. Major (Dr.) S.P. Datta award for toppers in M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences.

Ms.Meena Datta w/o Late Dr. Major S.P. Datta has instituted an endowment fund for the award of cash prizeto the two toppers of M.Sc Biomedical Sciences (Final year). The two awards consist of a one-time annual book award, equivalent to the interest which accrues on the Principal Amount invested with a difference of Rs. 1000/- between the award forfirst and second position.

e. Prof. H. C. G aur Education Fellowship

Prof. H. C. Gaur Education fellowship of Rs. 4000/- (per annum) is awarded to one M.Sc. student each year. The selection is based on academic merit and interview with an additional consideration of financial needs of the students.