Code of Student Conduct

ACBR has a code of student conduct to maintain the general welfare of the University Community. The ACBR is committed to creating a campus environment conducive to education, work, study and personal development. Admission to the ACBR carries with it the expectation that each student will be a responsible member of the campus community. Students enrolled at the ACBR assume the responsibility to observe the standards of conduct. By accepting the responsibility to respect the personal safety and individual rights of every member of the University Community, each student is given the opportunity to pursue his/her education in an environment based on mutual respect.

Students of ACBR are required to follow the University discipline; as per ordinances XV-B and XV-C relating to the maintenance of discipline by the students.

Anti-Ragging & Anti-Sexual Harassement Committee

The cases of sexual harassment at ACBR with reference to definition, explanation, COMPLAINT MECHANISM, will be with in the SCOPE OF THE ORDINANCE XV- D of the University of Delhi. The present Ordinance is based on the Policy against Sexual Harassment by the Delhi University and seeks to maintain and create an academic and work environment free of sexual harassment for students, academic and non-teaching staff of Delhi University. The Ordinance will also apply to outsiders and residents, on the Delhi University campus, to the extent specified herein these rules and procedures

Dr. Pratibha M Luthra-Chairperson
Phone : 27667151 ext.216

Dr. Laishram R Singh
Phone: 27667151 ext.215

Dr. Ajay K. Yadav
Phone: 27667151 ext.258

Anti-Smoking Committee

Sh. Krishan Kumar - Nodal Officer
Phone: 27667151 ext. 256

Dr. Anju Katyal
Phone: 27667151 ext.307

Dr. Madhu Chopra
Phone: 27667151 ext.203