Anju Katyal


Molecular Immunology & Microbiology
Email: anju_katyal@yahoo.com

Dr. Anju Katyal did her Ph. D from Deptt. of Parasitology, PGIME&R, Chandigarh . Her research work pertained to the possible implications of the use of calcium channel blockers in treating drug resistant malarias and found out that CCB can be detrimental for causing severe malaria conditions.

She joined ACBR as faculty in 1998, where in She continued work on malarial immunology and immunopathogenesis. Presently, her group is exploring the modulatory role of various cytokines, proinflammatory molecules, oxidative stress and apoptosis in immuno-pathological conditions during cerebral malaria, cerebral ischemia and cerebral hypoxia. The long term objectives are to explore the critical role of these pathways and individual molecules in the pathogenesis of these clinical conditions.

Her group also works on animal model for alcoholic liver disease to characterize the antigens involved in pathogenesis and longitudinal progression of disease. Present work is aimed at isolating and characterizing the specific antigen which elicits auto-immune response and their relative contribution in progression of disease is being investigated.

Ongoing Projects:
  1. “Investigation of regulatory role of cholinergic system on apoptosis and inflammation in murine model of global cerebral ischemia., ICMR, 2009-2012.

  2. ”Evaluation of the protective role of Hypericum perforatum in chronic hypobaric hypoxia induced neuronal degeneration and memory dysfunction ”, ICMR, 2009-2012

  3. ”Investigation of the role of Zinc in hypobaric hypoxia induced memory impairment and neuronal damage”, UGC, 2009-2012.

Selected Recent Publications:
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