List of doctoral,post-doctoral students and Research Associates (2009-2014)

Research Associate (Departmental)
Dot Dr. Harsimrut Kaur
Dot Dr. Shalini Sharma
List of Post-Doctoral Students (Fast Track Project, DST)
  Project Title
Dot Dr. Meenakshi Dwivedi, 2012-2015: “Understanding the role of Caenorhabditis elegans Sin-3 in Cep-1 mediated gene repression.”
Dot Dr. Mashook Ali, 2013-2016: “Antiproliferating effect of esculetin on AML1-ETO expressing cell line.”
List of Ph.D Students
  Thesis Title
Dot Shruti Jain, 2010: “Analysis of functional diversity of dINO80 in developmental regulation in Drosophila”.
Dot 2. Saurabh Singh, 2010: “Effect of dietary administration of glycolytic inhibitor of 2doxy glucose (2DG) on the behaviour, physiology and induced tumorogensis in mice model”.
Dot 3. Monika Sharma, 2010: “Design and Development of HDAC inhibitors”.
Dot 4. Poonam, 2010: “Protective effects of novel aryl piperazines in a rat model of Alzheimer’s disease”.
Dot 5. Apra Manral, 2011: “Synthesis of diallylsulfide analogs and their potential use for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease”.
Dot 6. Sunita Jetly, 2011: “ Designing of cost effective, quick and easy visualization method for detection of CML patients using Molecular Beacons”.
Dot 7. Neetika Lal, 2011: “Study the molecular mechanism of various Anti-Cancer drugs in in vivo models of glioblastoma”.
Dot 8. R.S Ray, 2011: “To study the mechanism of Myeloperoxidase mediated neuronal damage and memory impairment in rat model of Chronic hypoperfusion.”
Dot 9. Shruti Mittal, 2011: “Investigating protein folding and aggregation by mimicking the crowded intracellular environment.”
Dot 10. Deepika Sharma, 2012: “Regulation of calcium homeostasis in macrophages during Mycobacterial infection”
Dot 11. Gunjan Kak, 2012: “Characterization of macrophage mediated immune response to mycobacterial infections”
Dot 12. Nalini Yadav, 2012: “Elucidating mechanism of action of active principles from Beorhaavia diffusa.”Expected Completion by December 2015.
Dot 13. Amardeep Gautam, 2012: “To study the involvement of free zinc in hypobaric hypoxia induced neuronal damage and cognitive dysfunction: a mechanistic approach.”
Dot 14. Vikas Saini, 2012: “An evaluation of the anticancer activity of novel analogs of Diallyldisulfide,an active principle of garlic.”
Dot 15. Tarun Kumar, 2012: “Effect of toxic metabolites on the conformation and conformational stability of proteins.”
Dot 16. Deepali Joon, 2013: “Diagnosis of Tuberculosis using Loop Medicated Isothermal Amplification Combined with Lateral Flow Assay.”
Dot 17. D Nagarjuna, 2013: “Molecular Epidemiology and Characterization of virulence genes in E. coli isolates causing nosocomial infection: Multilocus Sequence”.
Dot 19. Shweta Mendiratta, 2010, “Delineation of Dual Function of hINO80, a Chromatin Remodeling Protein”.
Dot 20. Subash Sonkar, 2010: “Designing of Protocol for Diagnosis of Trichomonas vaginalis and other Sexually Transmitted disease.”
Dot 21. Prashant Kumar, 2010: “Identification of Chlamydial proteins as potential vaccine candidates.”
Dot 22. Anoop Kumar, 2010: “Development, characterization and immunogenicity of a novel HPV16 DNA vaccine construct.”
Dot 23. Manisha Sikka, 2010: “Targeting Cancer through Cholecystokinin antagonists and Cyclooxegenase – 2 Inhibitors.”
Dot 24. Shivani Lamba, 2010: “Identification of MAA-protein adducts during progression of alcoholic liver disease in wistar rats.”
Dot 25. Akaksha Thakur, 2010: “Hypoxia In Glioma.”
Dot 26. Shweta Rai, 2011: “Identification and characterization of P.berghei(ANKA) proteins involved in IgE mediated pathogenesis in murine model of cerebral malaria.”
Dot 27. Shikha, 2011: “Anti convulsant activity of some novel Aryl Piperazines.”
Dot 28. Tauheed Hassan, 2011: “Investigating the structural stability and function of different PAH domains of hSin3B.”
Dot 29. Marina Warepam, 2011: “Mixed osmolytes on protein folding and function: The degree to which one osmolyte affects the protein stabilizing ability of another’’.
Dot 30. Seema Thakur, 2011: “Micro RNA Expression in Serum as Biomarker for Early Detection of Breast Cancer”.
Dot 31. Lubna, 2011: “Understanding the mechanism of action of HDAC inhibitors in epigenetic regulation of cancer”
Dot 32. Namrata Kumari, 2011: “Study the neuroprotection role of A2AR using in vitor and in vivo model of Parkinson’s disease.”
Dot 33. Vishal Nimeyesh, 2011: “In-silico structure prediction of platelet derived growth factor receptor to design novel PDGFR antagonists for targeting glioblastoma multiforme.”
Dot 34. Shilpi Mittal, 2011: “Differential role of Sin3A and Sin3B in gene regulation”
Dot 35. Rashi Arora, 2011: “Development of diagnostic assay for detection of AML-ETO translocation [ t(8:21)] in AML patients and to elucidate the mechanism of apoptosis mediated by Ecsuletin in cells having AML- ETO translocation.
Dot 36. Arti Selvakumar, 2011: “Immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and the role of calcium homeostasis.”
Dot 37. Cecil Antony, 2011: “Regulation of VGCC expression by M. tuberculosis and its antigens at the transcriptional level.”
Dot 38. Jayant Maini, 2011, “Characterization and functional analysis of cis-element involved in developmental memory in human Genome.”
Dot 39. Suchit Khanna, 2011: “Glycolysis Induced Radioresistance: Is there a role of Nuclear Localized Hexokinase-II in facilitation of DNA repair.”
Dot 40. Mohsen Ghasemi, 2012: “Genetic interaction and functional diversity of the chromatin remodeling protein, dINO80 during development Drosophila melanogaster”.
Dot 41. Mohit Vashistha, 2012: “Characterization of innate and adaptive immune responses tyo multiple infections with specific emphasis on Streptococcus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.”
Dot 42. Subhash Mehto, 2012: “Activation of dendritic cells and priming of T cells during multiple infections”
Dot 43. Nitin Vishnoi, 2012: “Synthesis of substituted pyridoindoles polyhydroxy phenols as novel anticancer agents.”
Dot 44. Nasreen Banu, 2012: “Role of NF-kB pathway on transcriptional regulation of HPV expression in oral pre-cancer and cancer cells.”
Dot 45. Vivek Verma, 2012: “Characterization of predominent inflammasome complex in urinary Infections.”
Dot 46. Sanjay, 2013: “Effects of dietry 2-deoxy D glucose on inflammatory responses and immune status in induced murine tumour model.”
Dot 47. Richa Chaudhury, 2013: “Investigation of role of 12 lipooxegenase in hypobaric hypoxia memory impairment and neuronal damage.”
Dot 48. Parul Gulati, 2013: “Whole Genome Sequencing and Functional Genomics of the Mealybug as a Model for Genomic Imprinting and Epigenetic Regulation.”
Dot 49. Kausik Bhattacharya, 2013: “Comparative analysis of Genome Sequence variation in Clinical Isolates of M. tuberculosis : In silico analysis and validation of their functional implication.”
Dot 50. Saurabh Agarwal, 2013: “Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of NOS inhibitors.”